About Us

About Go Kismet

We are a Global marketplace that features specialty clothing, accessories, and home accents by artisans from the places we visit around the world.

Go Kismet was started in 2017 by two friends at different poles of the universe.

Carol Pender and Aleema Khan have traveled and worked together across the globe and realized they share many of the same beliefs:

One that Art exists in every culture and living a complete life requires a rich canvas upon which we can share our appreciation and discoveries of beauty and wonder. Another one being: Secrets of yesterday's crafts require nurturing today.

When the two came together, Viola! Go Kismet was born -- a modern take on traditional crafts.


Meet the Founders

Carol Pender (photo, right) has more than 35 years experience in merchandising, product development, global logistics, and management. She is the founder of the first company to introduce social responsibility and auditing, supply chain monitoring and accountability -- the foundation for Fair Trade Initiative. Her clients have included World Bank, German and American Retailer Federations, and World Customs Organization.

Aleema Khan is a veteran to manufacturing. She has worked in the industry for more than twenty years, and has designed, sourced, and merchandised for many of the U.S. and Europe's largest retailers. Committed to numerous philanthropic causes, she has founded numerous non-profit organizations, including a women's cooperative, educational institutions, and medical facilities.


Behind the seams 

Above: Adnan Kahn, our merchandiser.

Above: Our master tailor.

Our Purpose

We believe that purchases we make can serve a greater purpose. Our collection features artisan-influenced pieces, accessories, and collectibles. By collaborating with local artisans, we help sustain their heritage and craft. With our partnerships, we provide ethical employment and expanded product knowledge. The second piece of our work is improving their daily lives, increasing their revenue, and building an appreciation for their art. We visit every country we feature, meet the people, view the processes -- and expand both of our worlds. Find more about the artisans here.

We also believe that education unlocks poverty. Go Kismet is committed to making a sustainable difference and a portion of sales benefits Room to Read

Our Online Shop

Go Kismet is a marketplace filled with unique, high-quality, handmade items curated through our years of traveling to remote, exotic locales -- many times off the beaten path. Our adventures around the world are enriching and inspiring. The treasures offered reflect a variety of cultures, select artisans, marketplaces, and recognized craftsmanship. Our homes are filled with clothing, accessories, and home goods from our travels around the world -- items of global origin (the "go" in our name). After friends started to compliment us on the items we collected on our trips abroad, we developed the idea to create a marketplace.

We bring specialty clothing, accessories and home accents to you, made by artisans from the places we visit. In each place, we work with artisans who provide details that make the merchandise so unique, whether it's woven, embroidered, or hand-dyed. We work with women's co-operatives and support local tailors and merchandisers.

With Go Kismet, we share our love of global style with you, as well as our travel guides from the places stamped on our passports. For our debut collection of Go Kismet originals, we're showcasing clothing made in Pakistan and Mexico, along with home goods from Turkey, Afghanistan, and Mexico.

We have interpreted classic styling of today, while incorporating artisan crafting to these garments. Our desire is to offer the best shopping options from a variety of regions at reasonable price points. Our styles are designed by us, or curated from favorite shops in various regions.

We encourage you to acquaint yourselves with the elaborate processes required in producing our product offerings. We hope that you will appreciate the artistry in these designs.

Shop from home while you dust off your suitcase and plan your next trip. Adventure is at your fingertips. We're here to help you dress the life you want to live!

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