Fine Cloth Dinner Napkins with Scalloped Edges
Fine Cloth Dinner Napkins with Scalloped Edges

Fine Cloth Dinner Napkins with Scalloped Edges


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Fine Cloth Dinner Napkins with Scalloped Edges, Stripe in Red, White and Blue. Scalloping is a difficult technique and is reserved for the higher end napkins in finer fabrics. Stripes are generated by hand, block printed. These stripes coordinate with many of our fine table cloths. Napkins are versatile, by mixing prints with table cloths can create exciting genres. Napkins can introduce an additional color, print, or texture to your tablescape. Don't be afraid to choose complimentary prints, accent colors, or a new texture.

The general rule of thumb is to choose a small print when the cloth is bold. And the reverse, a bold print when the cloth is a mini print, or soft pattern. Rules of thumb: regardless of the cloth and color, a deeper tone, dark print, accent pattern will allow you to introduce a new season by adding new colors for a new season.

The standard ratio of napkins to table cloth is three different colors, prints, or textures for each one table cloth. This allows you to create multiple tablescapes, seasons, and themes throughout the year, maximizing your table cloth. Side note: You may mix colors between napkins and table cloth by alternating colors (every other plate). Works best with even number of diners. I.e. print table cloth and mixing navy and green napkins. Remember, this is a fun endeavor that should allow your creative instincts to flow.

Price: $38.00 (Sold in Sets of 4)

Material: 100% Cotton. Hand made and printed block style.

Care: Spot and treat soiled areas pre-washing. Machine wash in cold water, mild soap. Dry on gentle cycle, low heat. Remove the napkins when almost dry. Spread the napkin cloth out, smoothing wrinkles and hems.

Global Origin: Made in India

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